Etapa 2
1 „Remote Sensing Facilities for Atmospheric Studies in INOE, Romania: Present and Perspectives”
Doina Nicolae
2 “Laser induced fluorescence investigations of water”
Jeni Vasilescu
3 “Dust event detection from Lidar measurements”
    C. Talianu, A. Nemuc, D. Nicolae, C. P. Cristescu
4 “Fluorescente Lidar investigation of Danube River water”
J.Vasilescu, G.Pavelescu, L.Belegante, E.Carstea, C.Strechie
5 “Mixed layer depth determination, using range squared corrected lidar signal”
S. Stefan, D. Nicolae, V. Filip, A. Nemuc
6 “ Study over anthropical pollution on the Lower Arges river basin using fluorescence lidar”
    Elfrida Pfeiffer, Gabriela Pavelescu, Dan Savastru, Jeni Vasilescu
7 “Environmental Investigation – expertise in INOE 2000, Romania”
G. Pavelescu
8 “Using classification to derive aerosol number density from lidar measurements”
D. Nicolae, C. Talianu, E. Carstea, C. Radu
Etapa 3
9 "Air pollution monitoring in Bucharest using the open path technique"
L. Belegante, A. Nemuc, J. Ciuciu, Ioan Balin
10 "An Assessment of the Direct Radiative Forcing of the PM10-Study Case"
Sabina Stefan, C.Talianu , A. Nemuc, C.Nicula
11 "Water quality changes in the Arges Lower Basin under the influence of the human activities –– dissolved oxygen dynamic"
C.Ioja, M.Matache, G.Pavelescu, M.Patroescu, L.Niculita
12 "Dissolved Organic Matter and Chlorophyll measurements on Black Sea Romanian coastal zone"
G.Pavelescu, J.Vasilescu, E. Pfeiffer, L.Belegante, E.Carstea, C.Strechie, S.Babichenko, A.Lisin
13 "Influence of Urban Aerosol Pollution to Radiative Forcing"
Anca Nemuc, S. Stefan, C. Talianu
14 "Fluorescence characteristics of Romanian surface water"
E.Pfeiffer, J-G. Vasilescu, G.Pavelescu, D.Savastru, L.Belegante, C.Ioja

Manifestari stiintifice

# Manifestare Observatii
    Workshop “Optoelectronic Techniques for Environmental Monitoring and Risk Assessment” – OTEM 2007
Activitate realizata in Etapa 2